Beat Bruisers x Ruste Juxx x Pawz One - Def By Stereo (CD)


Artist: Beat Bruisers x Ruste Juxx x Pawz One
Album: Def By Stereo
Format: CD
Cat. No.: BS-017
Release Date: 22-01-2016

1. Intro
2. Def By Stereo
3. Knock Your Head Off
4. Unphuckwitable
5. How Real Is That
6. Intermission
7. Give It Up feat. Dro Pesci
8. Beast Out The Cage
9. LA 2 NY (Director’s Cut) feat. Spit Savage
10. Now
11. Count Em Down
12. Outro

The California production duo Beat Bruisers (Suplex & Harsh Ramirez) make their debut with “Def By Stereo”.

An action fueled album co-starring Duck Down Records sharp shooter Ruste Juxx and LA's rhyme slinger Pawz One. The scenery through sound laid by the Beat Bruisers provides the perfect back drop for Ruste Juxx, Pawz One and Harsh Ramirez.

“Def By Stereo” plays like a cult classic B movie that hardcore fans will keep on repeat. Both an ode to the punch you in the face era of hip hop and a cut of something new, “Def By Stereo” has no stuntmen, no safety and no shortage of action.

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