Cannibal Ox - Gotham (12'' Vinyl)


Artist: Cannibal Ox

Album: Gotham

Format: 12'' vinyl

Cat. No.: BS-013

Release Date: 03-07-2013

Pressing: New - EU - 2013

Label: Below System


Track Listing:

A1. Gotham (Ox City)

A2. Gases In Hell (Inhale)

A3. Psalm 82


B1. Gotham [Oxtrumental]

B2. Gases In Hell [Oxtrumental]

B3. Psalm 82 [Oxtrumental]


The Ox is back! In 2001, Cannibal Ox released their debut album ‘Cold Vein’ and now the Ox returns with a brand new maxi-single after 12 years. Known for their raw, gritty and powerful Hip Hop music. As Ox says: All three songs represent

who we have always been, real musicians who love our craft and the vision of our art is just as serious as life itself. This is pure Hip Hop at its best. Can Ox and our everlasting crew Crimson Godz are back and this time around no 'Sucka Mc's'

shall be left alive!


The maxi-single will only be physically available on limited vinyl, including on side B the instrumentals. All songs produced by the new ‘Iron Galaxy Clik’ member Bill Cosmiq and of course all songs performed by Vast Aire & Vordul Mega.

Cannibal Ox - Gotham (12'' Vinyl)
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