Chuuwee & Trizz - AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 2 (CD)


Artist: Chuuwee & Trizz
Album: AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 2
Format: CD
Cat. No.: BS-020
Release Date: 15 April 2016 (CD)
Pressing: New - EU - 2016
Label: Below System Records


1. I’ll Be Good
2. May I
3. Skit
4. Tampons & Handguns
5. Matter Fact
6. Location, Location feat. Sahtyre
7. $ & Bitches
8. Phamus As Phuck
9. Skit 2
10. U+2
11. Micheal Koors Lite
12. Gettin’ Money
13. Black Magic
14. Mario Party feat. Tay Hundreds
15. All I Know
16. The Sound Of PayPal feat. Mark Battles
17. Vicarious
18. Still (Nothing At All)

Bonus Tracks:
- All Day
- Mo Money (Mo$- Problems)
- K.I.O.T.I (Keep It Off The Internet)

March 25th will be an early start to 4/20 with the release of emcee duo, Chuuwee & Trizz’s new album, “AmeriKKa’s Most Blunted 2”. To be released via Below System Records (Masta Ace, JR & PH7, Pearl Gates) this is the long-awaited sequel to the first installment released over two years ago.

Utilizing a cadre of Producers including Ac3, Monibeatz, Saro and Montage the duo musically land somewhere between the adjectives hyphy, chilled-out and jazzy. Guests on the emcee side for the album include comrades, Sahtyre, Tay Hundreds and Mark Battles.

While both emcees may ingest copious amounts of herb, it apparently has little to no effect on their non-stop work ethic. For example Chuuwee, although just hitting the age of 25, already has a discography of over twenty albums and mixtapes to his name. Raised in Sacramento, CA the “South Sac Mack” had the benefit of a home studio as a child as his Mother was studying music production. In his teens Chuuwee (born Dionte Hunter) was already destroying local poetry slams with his rhymes.

The fruit of this constant labor includes U.S. shows alongside such influences as Mistah Fab, Rakim and Rhymefest. He also recently completed a European tour with JR & PH7.

Los Angeles based Trizz (born Arthur Lea III) compliments his partner well. Picking up the microphone at the age of 9, he has developed his own voice that reflects both his California DNA as well as an interest in the macabre. Among his successful early works was his album Case 17 (so named for the 17 murders tied to serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer).

Now at 24 years old, Trizz lyrical skills earned him a place on horrorcore legend, Brotha Lynch Hung’s, Madesicc Muzicc label. This includes earning two writing credits on Brotha Lynch Hung’s seventh studio album Mannibalector (2013) and appearing on the Independent Powerhouse Tour”, alongside Tech N9ne, Rittz and Kutt Calhoun.

Gearing up for the release of “AmeriKKa’s Most Blunted 2” the duo whetted fan’s appetites with the release of a free EP titled “The Smoke Out”, which dropped in Mid-February. The 3 songs on this EP are available on the CD version as bonus tracks.

Chuuwee & Trizz - AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 2 (CD)

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