Mr. SOS - Trains Never Get Sidetracked (CD)


Artist: Mr. SOS

Album: Trains Never Get Sidetracked

Format: CD

Cat. No.: BS-004

Release Date: 23-01-2013

Pressing: New - EU - 2013

Label: Below System


Track Listing:

1. Come Along

2. Massive ft. Sheisty Khrist

3. Hallways & Doorways

4. Candyland

5. As It Was ft. Cashmere The Pro & Raheem Jamal

6. Super Rapper Shit

7. What Planet Are You From?

8. Respect

9. Come Along (Instrumental)

10. Massive (Instrumental)

11. Hallways & Doorways (Instrumental)

12. Candyland (Instrumental)

13. As It Was (Instrumental)

14. Super Rapper Shit (Instrumental)

15. What Planet Are You From? (Instrumental)

16. Respect (Instrumental)


This EP was manifested entirely by Abeo Rzo & Mr. SOS, with the exception of a few production contributions from Ricky Raw & K-Salaam. Features on this effort include Sheisty Khrist, Cashmere The PRO & Raheem Jamal along with cuts by DJ Reel Drama & Mr. SOS himself. This limited, deluxe pressing of the EP will include instrumental versions of all songs featured on the album.


"Trains Never Get Sidetracked" provides listeners with a taste of what the future holds with the release of the highly anticipated "Lord Have Mercenaries" album from Abeo Rzo & Mr. SOS just over the horizon.

Mr. SOS - Trains Never Get Sidetracked (CD)
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