Sahtyre - The Gorgeous Darkness (Digital)


Artist: Sahtyre
Album: The Gorgeous Darkness (EP)
Format: Digital

Release Date: March 30, 2018



01. Missy Elliot
02. Numb (feat. Trizz)    
03. Before You Love Me (feat. Bobby Bucher)
04. $100 Zips
05. Long Way Down (feat. Ash Riser)
06. Afterhourz
07. The Gorgeous Darkness (feat. Lenka Shockley)


Album Description:

Coming off of a national television appearance on NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daly”, appearances at the 3rd Annual Low End Theory Festival in LA & Oakland’s Hiero Day, and a #17 spot on iTunes Hot Albums for his recent album “Cassidy Howell”, Los Angeles rapper Sahtyre releases his new EP “The Gorgeous Darkness” on Below System Records.

Cassidy Howell also known as Sahtyre embodies a unique, diverse character which shines brilliantly through his art. A voracious lover of music, Sahtyre credits the development of his laid back yet quick witted style on a diverse set of influences. He credits everybody from “Old Eminem”, Snoop and Redman to undergrounds legends like Thirstin Howl III and the Outsidaz as some of his most powerful influences. Yet, his truest inspirations are musicians that transcend the normal boundaries of Hip Hop including legendary rock stars Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante and Kurt Cobain and timeless soul musicians like James Brown and Marvin Gaye.

“The Gorgeous Darkness” is a 7 track EP including guest features by Trizz, Bobby Bucher, Lenka Shockley and Ash Riser. Production provided by Chase Moore, Stinje, Left Brain of Odd Future, Ash Riser and also production and live instrumentation by Sahtyre himself as Cassidy Howell to name a few of the producers.

Sahtyre adds “My art is a side effect of my neurosis. For the past year I've created relentlessly. Writing, practicing my instruments, making beats, painting, and who knows what else for sometimes days on end nonstop. Through all of these countless hours of free experimentation I've unlocked new realms of expression sonically and spiritually. Using new techniques of my own as well as paintbrushes lent from a few friends, I present to you a glimpse into these new worlds, "The Gorgeous Darkness".”

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